Versions and options

Choose the correct configuration for your laboratory

Valab® adapts to all types of laboratory configuration: different activity levels, general or specialised laboratory, isolated or multi-site laboratory, Hospital or Private laboratory, . . .

Asking the right questions allows to define the best Valab configuration for your laboratory.

Consult us to define the right configuration for your laboratory . . .

How many reports do you process?

The LIS sends to Valab groups of test results for each patient in a "report".

From a few hundred reports per day to several thousand reports per day, Valab will be sized according to the processing needs of the laboratory. An estimate of the maximum number of reports to be processed over a period of 24 hours taking into account activity peaks and forecasted evolution of the activity of the laboratory allows to find the best volume / cost ratio.

This information allows to choose the level of activity immediately above the estimated volume to be sure not to exceed it in the near future.

Which specialities are concerned by the Valab autoverification?

The standard version of Valab comprises from one to four specialities according to the needs of the laboratory:

  • Biochemistry (62 tests)
  • Hematology (25 tests)
  • Coagulation (25 tests)
  • Blood gases (10 tests)

The laboratory decides at the moment of purchase which of these specialities it wishes to include in its version of Valab.

Other specialities are available through the acquisition or creation of additional tests :

  • Markers
  • Hormones
  • Serology
  • Medication
  • Vitamins
  • Toxicology
  • Urinalysis
  • ...

Which tests do we need?

The four main specialities comprise more than a hundred basic tests which represent the expertise engine of Valab.

Beyond the basic tests, we can extend the palette of tests supported by Valab with additional tests. A large number of VALAB-certified additional tests, already created and ready to be imported into Valab, are available for download, and new tests are regularly added to the list.

The additional tests are created with the Auto-Expert module, a tool provided with the standard version of Valab which allows to create new specialities and to create expertise models for new tests. Users who wish to can use the Auto-Expert module to create their own additional specialities and tests.

Valab also allows the creation of another category of tests, duplicate tests. Duplicate tests allow to exploit the results of a test obtained under different technical conditions.

How do we add additional tests?

The basic Valab licence authorises the use of a total of 20 additional tests comprising 15 duplicate tests and 5 VALAB-certified additional tests.

It is possible to extend the basic licence to authorize the use of a larger number of additional tests. This choice can be made at the purchase of Valab or at any other moment if the need of the laboratory evolves.

Other categories of tests - "linked" tests, "redirected" tests, "blind" tests - allow to extend the possibilities of Valab in order to cover specfic needs with no extra cost.

Single site or multi-lab site?

A single Valab server can expertise the reports sent by different connected sites as in the case of laboratory groupings and technical platforms. Multi-lab operation is also suitable for sectorized laboratories with a single report number, allowing to consider each of the parts of a report from a different sector as a separate report. The possible need for multi-lab operation will be determined according to the way your laboratory or laboratory grouping is organised.

The "Admin Pack" / "Users Pack" options: how many Valab users, how should the profiles be managed?

Totally flexible, with its system of floating licences, Valab adapts itself precisely to your needs with regard to:

  • the number of users : the floating licences system allows to manage the number of separate or sumltaneous accesses to the Valab server for the purposes of setup and monitoring, from the local server wokstation or from the user workstations
  • management of the profiles : each user has their own secure account with its own level of consultation/modification rights managed by the Valab user account administrator that you have appointed
  • The "Test base" option for increased security

    It is possible to have an additional installation of Valab server equipped with all of the functionalities of your production Valab server allowing to test changes in your autoverification system on a full scale, thanks to the "Test base" option - consult us for more information.