Prepare, install, train, customize . . .

The deployment of Valab® involves four main stages:

  • before installation
  • installation
  • training
  • after installation

At each stage the VALAB team is there to help the laboratory progress with the minimum disturbance and the maximum success.

Before installation

Some preparations are performed before actual installation:

  • coordination with the supplier company of the LIS to which Valab will be connected
  • coordination with the medical staff of the laboratory, appointment of one or more key contact persons for Valab
  • provision and customization of pre-setup biological and IT data, allowing Valab to adapt to the specifics of the laboratory:
  • the units used by the laboratory
  • biogical/clinical reference interval limits
  • the codes of the tests used by the LIS
  • choice of additional tests
  • the "origin of the report" codes used by the LIS (origin of the request) and some other information
  • coordination with the IT staff of the laboratory:
  • availability of the items listed in the IT requirements
  • special characteristics linked to the computer network
  • setting up of a remote maintenance solution
  • setting up of an automatic backup solution
  • general things to think about:
  • management of the sending of results to Valab
  • strategy for the signature and authorisation for release of the reports judged to be validatable by Valab
  • integration of Valab into the QMS (Quality Management System) of the laboratory

A good preparation by all involved allows efficient action with no surprises on the day of the installation.

Installation of Valab

The installation of Valab is typically carried out with the presence on the site of technicians of the VALAB Technical Support, however the installation can also be carried out entirely remotely.

The following actions are carried out during installation:

  • technical installation of the Valab server on the machine provided for this purpose:
  • preparation of the host machine
  • installation of the Valab server and of the pre-setup configuration prepared in advance
  • configuration of the host machine
  • configuration of the connection with the laboratory's LIS in collaboration with the person sent by the LIS company
  • technical installation of the Valab client workstations in collaboration with the IT personnel of the laboratory
  • setup of the Valab correspondence tables:
  • Functional Units / departments / correspondents / prescribers
  • therapeutic and clinical information
  • other information
  • test and qualification of the Valab connection with the LIS (with the help of the biologists and/or laboratory technicians):
  • creation at the level of the LIS of a dummy report containing all the tests connected to Valab
  • sending of this report to Valab by the LIS
  • coherence of this report in a biological verification session on the LIS, by comparing for each test the results and the validation status with those flagged by Valab
  • check of the path taken by this report up to the results server according to the different validators
  • start autoverification with Valab in consultative mode allowing to view initially all of the results verified by Valab and to optimise its operation
  • assessment of the first Valab autoverification results
  • corrections and adjustments of the customisation of the Valab biological setup (with the help of the clinical scientists and / or technicians of the laboratory)

Training of the Valab users

  • Training of the personnel of the laboratory (key contact clinical scientists, technicians, Quality specialists, other users, . . .) on how to use and maintain Valab
  • After installation

  • Intervention report
  • Finishing off the customisation of the Valab setup (Biological Support)
  • A series of telephone meetings between the key contact biologists of the laboratory and the "Biological Expertise" Support of the VALAB company allowing to gather the feedback of the validators thanks to the operation in consultative mode and to adjust the Valab setup using in particular the activity statistics to obtain an operation of Valab that is well-suited to the population, the specifics and the requirements of the laboratory (autoverification limit values for results with no previous result, critical limits, validity time limits for previous results, RCV ("delta-check") values, RCV autoverification limit values, autoverification sensitivity).
  • Control and monitoring of Valab operation
  • Initial qualification of the Valab autoverification and of the customisation of the setup performed by the medical laboratory, this initial qualification involves all of the clinical scientists of the medical laboratory.
  • Setting up, by the Quality Department of the medical laboratory in collaboration with the key contact clinical scientists, of continuous monitoring (monitoring of the activity statistics, monitoring of the processing of a sample of patients' reports, reproducibility check on test reports).
  • Update of the medical laboratory's QMS documentation.
  • Timely performance of maintenance operations to ensure the correct operation of Valab.
  • Support and maintenance provided by the VALAB company
  • Support and maintenance of Valab as well as the provision of any updates of the Valab software are provided by the VALAB company under the terms of the support and updates contract.